Welcome / ようこそ

Introduction / 自己紹介
Hello, my name is David Blaszyk and I'm from the Netherlands. I have studied IT at the Fontys University in Eindhoven. I am a Unity3D game developer and web developer. My hobbies are programming, and playing video games.
私の名前はDavid Blaszyk(デービッドブラシック)です。オランダ出身です。EindhovenのFontys大学でITエンジニアを勉強しました。今の仕事内容は、Unity3Dゲーム開発とウェッブ開発です。趣味はプログラミングやゲームです。

Experience / 経験
I have over 10 years of experience programming web applications, mainly using the PHP programming language.

I have over 5 years of experience programming games in Unity3D, mainly using the C# programming language. I am currently developing games independently on Nintendo and Sony platforms.

Availability / スキル
I am currently looking for a job in or near Tokyo or Osaka.
You can hire me as a front-end, back-end, or full stack web developer, or otherwise as a Unity game developer.

Contact / 連絡先
You can contact me by calling to: +81 (50) 5532-4072
Of course you can send me an email too: